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March 6, 2016 - 1 comment.

Never good enough…

I almost finished my new personal website -the one you are probably seeing right now-  but I'm already dissatisfied with it.

I initially chose the Semplice Labs Wordpress framework as my base. I saw a lot of nice portfolio websites built with it, and it captured my interest. It does a wonderful job making WordPress an easy-to-use system for designers showcases, but for a webdesigner it's just not right.

Semplice easily adds lots of flair to your website, but style is just a small part of webdesign. Personally, I find performance and accessibility trumps style in the field of webdesign. I tried optimizing for performance by adding a CDN, concatenating & minifying javascript and css, and caching most requests. But it's still too much overhead.
The outputted code is  also quite messy, and not as semantically correct as I would wish for.

While Semplice would make it very easy for me to update my website with new Showcases and Case studies, I would not be practising what I preach and I try do in my daily work.

So... back to the drawing board.
But for now, this shall do.